I’ve been using Anyrail software to plan the track layout so after finalising the pointwork design for the second storage yard, I printed the plan off at full scale.

The Anyrail track plan being assembled sheet by sheet.
Storage sidings in the southeastern corner
Creating the board extension under the track plan.

he main benefit of this is to make sure that the point motors will not be positioned where there is framing below the plywood baseboard. I knew that I would need to expand the baseboard on the approach to the helix so with the paper plan in situ, I was then able to measure and cut the timber to size.

The triangular extension is built
The extension immediately becomes a workbench!

I then took the opportunity to position the oval rings which will make up the second helix, screwed them to the base and then drilled 12mm holes right through all of the support lugs. This will make the helix construction easier and ensure that all of the holes are aligned accurately.

Finally, I began laying the pointwork at the eastern end of the storage sidings, the southern end is already complete so as soon as the eastern end is complete I’ll lay the flexi track in between.

The pointwork leading into the base of the helix.

By George

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