I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have had to stop and tidy up before carrying on with the next phase of construction. In an ideal world, I would have the room or building site, a separate room for storing materials and a workshop for cutting timber. In the real world, it’s all in the same room so I have to clear an area for working in, the materials are stored on the other side of the room and any cutting takes place somewhere in between. It can be a bit awkward, building in a store room / workshop but as the build progresses, the amount of space increases as the materials and components are used up.

Permanent legs fitted
Angled section built

Following on from yesterday’s construction of the first of the upper baseboard frames, I fixed the framework into position with permanent supports at the front. I also finished off the angled section which will support the track bed as it leaves the helix.

I then moved the framewood and plywood from where it has been stored on the eastern side of the room to its new home on top of the new framework. This has cleared the way for the next bit of tracklaying, the second storage yard which will, along with the second helix, form power district 2.

Benchwork cleared ready for the next stage.
A bit of working mess!
Tools, track and cable fill the centre section.
New area for storing materials….
and doubling up as a workshop!

Interestingly, the installation of the upper level framework has immediately helped me to start visualising how the scenic section might take shape which has in turn inspired me to get cracking with the next section!

By George

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