In my previous post, I described how I had started on the second storage yard which is part of power district 2. Today I put together the benchwork which will support the scenic section above the first storage yard. This is purely so that I can store the building materials that are currently sitting on the low level benchwork on the opposite side of the room. I am now able to shift everything on the eastern side of the layout so that I have enough room to construct the second storage yard and adjoining helix.

The framework is made from 4″x1″ softwood (95mm x 20.5mm in reality) and sits directly above the lower bench. The crossmembers are spaced at approximately 400m (16″). An inverted ‘L’ girder, which is attached to the studs in the wall, gives support on two sides and temporarily I have fixed timber supports at the front. I am thinking of using threaded bar for the front supports so that there is a facility for levelling the structure. The framework still needs to be fixed to the wall supports, another piece is still to be attached to the helix end at 45ยบ to give support to the track leaving the top of the helix and the front edge supports still need to be constructed.

Inverted L Girder wall support.
Western wall support.


Additional lower level brace.
The ladder frame takes shape on the floor.

The upper benchwork in place with temporary supports.

By George

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